Japanese Emperor Naruhito will make a state visit to Britain

LONDON: It will make a state visit to Britain in the coming months, British officials announced Tuesday, on the first state visit after the country leaves the European Union.

Britain will leave the block on January 31 after almost 50 years and has begun to tilt its diplomatic and economic attention more towards the rest of the world.

His Majesties, the Emperor and the Empress of Japan, accepted an invitation from Her Majesty The Queen to make a state visit to the United Kingdom in the spring of 2020, said a brief statement from.

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako will stay west of London .

It will be the third Japanese state visit to Britain under the reign of the 93-year-old Queen, who has been on the throne since 1952.

She received Emperor Hirohito in 1971 and her eldest son Emperor in 1998.

Naruhito, 59, accessed the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1 last year after the abdication of his father, Akihito.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, made a state visit to Japan in 1975. They no longer make long-distance trips.

Then, Britain will try to reach trade agreements with countries around the world independent of the EU.

For state visits, Britain summons all its traditional pomp in an attempt to consolidate cultural, diplomatic and economic ties.

Queen Elizabeth receives guests in a castle or palace and visits to the red carpet generally involve ceremonial events, luxurious banquets, cultural trips and political talks.

The last state visit to Britain was made by the president of the USA. UU. Donald Trump in June of last year.