How to simulate pink cheeks with makeup like Deepika Padukone

It is said that pink cheeks are a sign of healthy shine, which almost all women want to have. As the blood flow around the cheeks increases, the skin gives a blush effect, making your cheeks look pink. However, reddish skin may not always be a sign of good health. Rosacea, fever, acne and even sunburn can be a cause of skin redness.

Those who are not blessed with natural blush can rely on some makeup tricks to achieve the look. While you're already aware of using the blush on the cheeks, pretending to shine from the inside is about using the blush with the correct technique. Instead of just removing your blush after putting on makeup, you should try this new technique, which many celebrity makeup artists swear.

We loved how Deepika Padukone flaunted her rosy cheeks with a completely pink outfit recently for a movie promotion. To get that natural shine, you must apply the blush before your base. This will help give you a radiant complexion. Once you have applied a primer, smile and apply the blush on the cheekbone apples.

deepika padukone This genius advice can give you a wet appearance instead of just depositing the blush on the cheeks. For winters, it is best to use cream blushers, as they are moisturizing.

Photos: Instagram