Playing under pressure is more difficult than the work of the president of BCCI: Sourav Ganguly

MUMBAI: BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on Monday he said it was more difficult to be a player than to put on an administrator's hat since there is no margin for error when hitting.

Asked what was tougher between being a player and BCCI president, Ganguly had no hesitation while responding to the question.

It was tougher playing under pressure, because it was one chance while batting, that was lot difficult. Here (as BCCI President) if I make a mistake, I come back next and get it rectified, there if you nicked (Glenn) McGrath outside the off stump ... Ganguly said.

From his moment until now, he thought the pace of the game had changed.

The great hitter Sunil Gavsakar, who successfully faced some of the best fast players of all time, also felt that the administration is easier.

"Yes, I did (hold the office of BCCI president) for a couple of months in 2014, when the Supreme Court appointed me President of the BCCI , IPL, I did it. It was easy," Gavaskar said.

When asked what he felt changed over the years in cricket, Gavaskar said he was fit.

I think the physical condition, they (the players) are much more fit than we were playing, much stronger and can hit the ball a considerable distance, (they are) physically fit and agile, Gavaskar said.

Ganguly received the award for best team of the year on behalf of his players, who were unable to appear for the show as they have a game against Australia on Tuesday.

Thank you for awarding the test team of India (Prize to the Tear Team). I am sure that the other three teams have done just as well this year (2019). Congratulations to (batting coach) Vikram (Rathour) and the boys are not here. since they have a game tomorrow, said Ganguly, the former captain of India.

And all the best for the New Year. It is the beginning of a great year, the World Cups: male, female and under-19, and I hope everything goes well, Ganguly said.