At least one death after the plane makes an emergency landing in Russia

MOSCOW: One Person Was Killed And At Least Five Were Injured By A Russian Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet Airplane Made An Emergency Landing Moscow ' S Sheremetyevo Airport On Sunday Due To Fire On Board, Russian Press Offices Said.

The TASS News Agency Quoted From A Source That At Least One Person Had Been Killed. Agencies Reported Different Figures About The Number Of Wounded - From Five To More Than Ten.

RIA agency said that there were 78 passengers on the plane, which had been headed from Moscow to the northern Russian city of .

News Agency Reported That The Tail Was Completely Burned And Said A Rescue Team Was Trying To Find Survivors In That Part Of The Aircraft.

The Aircraft, A One-year-old Sukhoi Superjet, Departed From Sheremetyevo For Murmansk, But Shortly After Taking Off Early For An Emergency Landing Due To Fire, According To Russian State Media.

The plane had registration number RA-89098. tracking service showed that it made two circles around Moscow and landed after about 45 minutes.

TV Recordings Show A Plane Landing With Its Tail In Fire And Flame. Black Smoke Rippled From The Plane On The Ground.