Written update of Manjil Virinja Poovu, June 5, 2019: Mallika decides to kill Anjana

In the recent episode of Manjil Virinja Poovu Mallika meets Tharakan and tells him that he wants to kill Anjana. Tharakan suggests that he assign the task to a bully named Shaji. On the way to meet Shaji, Tharakan assures him that Shaji is the right choice for this.

Mallika and Tharakan meet Shaji at his house and discuss the same thing. Shaji asks the details of Anjana and Mallika shows him the picture of Anjana.

On the other hand, Anjana looks excited as Manu promised to take her to Munnar. She informs the hostel director about it. The hostel director asks if Anjana has finally fallen in love with Manu. Anjana responds that Manu is becoming her tutor. He also invited the hostel director to visit his hometown. Meanwhile, Manu enters the hostel and takes Anjana with him.

Soon Anjana leaves the shelter, Sona arrives and asks for her. The director of the hostel suspects Sona and says he does not know anything about Anjana.

Later, you see Manu and Anjana talking on the way to Munnar. Meanwhile, the bully notices Anjana and follows her. The bully informs Shaji that he has found the person who saved his life (Shaji's). Shaji orders him to find his sister (Anjana) soon.