The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, annoyed by the cockroach during the speech

MANILA: Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte The Unpredictable Discourses Of ' Often They Contain Bomb Statements, But This Time The Surprise Arrived In The Form Of A Cockroach Wandering Around The Shoulders Of The Leader.

The Error Appeared In Duterte When He Was Exalting The Virtues Of The Candidates He Endorsed In The Midterm Surveys Of The Next Week At A Campaign Rally On Wednesday Evening.

An Advisor Attempted And Failed To Eliminate The Creature With Some Papers, But Duterte Did It On One Side While The Government Transmitted To A Smiling But Puzzled Audience In The Central City Of Bohol.

Duterte, Who Was Arriving At The End Of His Speech Of Approximately 90 Minutes, Jokingly Said That The Insect Belongs To The Opposition Party.

The Critics Of The Leader Quickly Taken Twitter To Mock Their Close Encounter With The Cockroach, Which Is Seen Most Frequently Spreading Over Garbage.

" The Cockroach Must Have Realized That Dutch Is The Most Garbage I Have Seen" , Wrote @andy_crush.

And I Never Thought I Would Say This, But GOOD WORK THAT EXPLAINS THAT GARBAGE, DEAR COCKROACH, @keeyaaraaa Published.

Duterte Is On The Campaign Road To Gather Support For His Candidates In The Mid-Week Surveys Of The Next Week, In Which Some 18,000 Seats Going From Local Councils To The Senate Of The Upper House Are Available.