See: Big Bash limit capture that causes confusion in cricket law

SYDNEY: A capture of two men to fire the captain of Hobart Matthew Wade in a T20 Big Bash game in Brisbane has generated confusion about the laws even Of the lord weighing

Hobart hit first and limped to 98 for five of 14.4 overshoots largely thanks to a captain hit by Wade.

In 61, he threw the ball at the limit.

From Brisbane Matt Renshaw , leaking right inside the ropes, jumped and stopped the ball in the air as it fell backwards. He landed off the field and then jumped to hit the ball that falls on the ropes to Tom banton , running from deep in the wicket half, who caught the pass.

After a long video review, the third referee decided that Wade, who had already left, was discharged.

He really had no idea of ​​the rule: once he hit off the field, he didn't know if he was allowed to touch the ball or not, Wade told channel 7 of the television channel.

The referees said yes, and once they told me that he was allowed to leave the field and hit him again, I knew he was out.

The 2017 update to the laws included a provision for airborne limits and fielders.

Of the lord , home of the MCC who act as cricket's rule makers, tweeted that "Under Law 19.5, the catch is deemed lawful."

The law says: A limit will also be granted if a fielder in contact with the ball makes contact with any grounded object beyond the limit, including another fielder.

the Of the lord tweet explained that "the key moment is when he first touches the ball, which is inside the boundary. He's airborne for his second contact."

Amazing capture, he said.

Wade was also impressed.

It was a pretty good job, he said.

The hurricanes ended in 126 for 9 and the Heat then passed that goal with 10 balls and five wickets to spare.