Update from Lakshmi Baramma, January 8: Ranjith and Chandhan catch Kumudha with their hands in the dough

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , Lakshmi accepts the project after Shailaja promises to keep her identity a secret. But, a surprise awaits when the first school you have to visit is that of Siri.

Meanwhile, when Shruthi returns home after his fruitless search for Lakshmi, Chandhan asks Shruthi about his sudden disappearance from the house. When she prepares a story, Chandhan sees through her lies and demands to know the truth.

However, Shruthi manages to distract Chandhan and hides the truth.

On the other hand, Lakshmi prepares dinner for Yash and his mother. When Yash objects, Lakshmi shares that he loves to cook and informs him that he wants to show gratitude to his mother.

In a surprising turn of events, Yash's colleague arrives at his house and is surprised to see Lakshmi. Also, notice that Lakshmi's mobile phone is ringing and he receives the call.

On the contrary, Kumudha sees Chandhan's phone and decides to copy Lakshmi's contact number. She takes Chandhan's phone and informs Parvathi about it.

Ranjith and Chandhan stand by the door and wait for the opportunity to catch Kumudha with his hands in the dough. While Kumudha tries to manipulate Parvathi, Chandhan and Ranjith intervene and attack her.

Chandhan warns Kumudha to stay away from Parvathi. Kumudha is devastated but tries to defend herself.