Prakash Parv concludes with elan

The 353 anniversary of the birth of Guru Gobind Singh was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the city. Thousands of devotees from various states, including Punjab, Hariana , Uttar Pradesh, Bhopal, Rajasthan and Maharashtra I visited Bihar to participate in the celebration. Some visitors also came from Canada and Australia to attend the three day event.

The devotees congratulated the government for the convenient arrangement made in the city and Patna Sahib gurudwara. Kuldeep Singh, a devotee of Punjab, said: “This is my second celebration of Prakash Parv in the city. The arrangements made in the store are very good and all the basic facilities have been provided. Crowd management also did very well. My family and I got accommodation in the big tent city made in Kangan Ghat. Heaters were provided in almost every store to protect people from the cold. The special langar room made in the city of stores was an additional provision for us. ”

Sharing similar views, Talwinder Kaur, another devotee of Punjab, said: “In addition to other arrangements, the government also provided us with strict security. Both male and female police officers were deployed in every corner and corner of the city. I could also see several CCTV cameras installed in the tent and also gurudwara. They also provided buses for cheap and easy transportation. This was my first visit, but I will try to visit it every year during Prakash Parv. My family members are equally happy with the arrangements. ”