Mangala Gowri Madve Update, January 8: Balli realizes that Rajeev and Mangala hug

In the last episode of Mangala Gowri Madve Soundarya wakes up from sleep. Realizing that the spiked juice has been changed, she swears revenge on Mangala.

On the other hand, Mangala feels guilty for beating Soundarya and apologizes to God. Rajeev, who realizes this, comforts and asks him to determine.

Meanwhile, Rudra Muni is annoyed to learn of the death of his son. Annapoorna shed tears in front of him. She calls Rudra Muni useless since the latter could not protect Vikram from Rajeev.

Rudra Muni attacks Annapoorna and asks him to leave the place. He also promises revenge on Rajeev.

The next morning, seeing Mangala and Rajeev hugging, Balli rushes to complain about Soundarya about the same. He also mentions Soundarya about his assumptions about Mangala's planning to expel them from the house.

When Soundarya rushes to check the same thing, he slips and falls from the stairs. Balli begins to suspect and suggests Soundarya to meet the priest to find a solution.