SFI protests against Swapan Dasgupta of BJP in Visva Bharati, stops a conference on CAA

KOLKATA: The deputy of BJP, who was scheduled to lecture on Wednesday at the Visva Bharati University on the Law on Citizenship Amendment, faced protests by members of the SFI backed by the CPM who also stalled the program.

The parliamentarian had to talk about CAA-2019: understanding and interpretation as part of the Visva Bharati series of lectures at the Lipika Auditorium of the university team.

The program was scheduled at 3.30 pm and should be chaired by the vice chancellor of the Bidyut Chakraborty university team.

However, as soon as Dasgupta arrived on campus, the students began to protest against him.

The leader of the university's SFI unit, Somnath Sau, said the students will not allow anyone who promotes hatred among communities to spread propaganda on the ground of Visva Bharati, which represents the ideals of.

We will continue our protests against the BJP and the Hindutva forces, he added.

The BJP leader in a tweet said: How does it feel to have a mafia attacking a peaceful meeting and intimidating students? This is what is happening in a meeting that I am addressing in Vishwa Bharati now. Locked in the room now with the mob outside (sic).

A university team teacher said Dasgupta was held in a guest house while the turmoil continued. However, the authorities of Visva Bharati University were not available for comment.

Visva Bharati, founded by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in 1921, is a central university.