The trailer for Ashutosh Patki's star 'Shaheed Bhai Kotwal' will be released on THIS date

«Shaheed Bhai Kotwal», the highly anticipated film starring Ashutosh Patki and Rutuja Bagwe, has been the topic of conversation in the city since it hit the ground. The film directed by the directors for the first time, Eknath Desale and Parag Sawant It has left many intrigued with the recently launched teaser that stands out from any other we've seen so far.

Teaser sees a lead star, Ashutosh Patki as the fierce freedom fighter, who is on an underground mission against British East India Company. The film captures breathtaking visuals of the Indian landscapes where the film has been shot. The one-minute clip has given an audience a sneak-peek into Ashutosh Patki 's character as «Shaheed Bhai Kotwal» .

Watch the preview here:

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सादर आहे, भारतीय स्वातंत्र्य संग्रामात बलिदान देणाऱ्या हुतात्मा 'भाई कोतवाल' यांच्या जीवनावर आधारित 'शहीद भाई कोतवाल' या चित्रपटाचा टीझर! Rooms

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Talking about the trailer release date, the makers have unveiled a new poster featuring Ashutosh Patki as «Shaheed Bhai Kotwal» and also revealed that the film's trailer is set to release on 8th January i; e tomorrow.
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एका विस्मरीत क्रांतिकारकाची कथा 'शहीद भाई कोतवाल' ट्रेलर येतंय उद्या !! Living rooms

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Born as Vitthal Laxman Kotwal, Bhai was a social reformer and freedom fighter who followed socialist philosophy. He has had an immense contribution to social work, politics and, most importantly, the struggle for freedom against the British.

Kotwal became the vice president of Matheran city ​​in 1941. He became a martyr in 1943 when a British officer shot him while on an underground mission.

The director of Eknath Desale 'Shahid Bhai Kotwal' is produced under the banner of Swarajai Art Media Production and also produced by Pravin Dattatray and Eknath Desale. The premiere of the film is scheduled for January 24, 2020.