Ilayaraja composes music for 'Thamezharasan' in his Chennai residence

Music teacher Ilayaraja made his debut as a composer with the 1976 Tamil movie ' Annakili 'and has been ruling the chicken coop for over 45 years. In his decades career, Ilayaraja has composed music for the first time at home. He is working on the music of 'Thamezharasan' and invited the orchestra at his Chennai residence to compose the accompaniment vocals.

Ilayaraja, who had composed music at AVM studios for a while, then moved to Prasad studios in Chennai. And there he composed music for many years. Prasad Studios then asked Ilayaraja to move his music studio after a dispute with management.

Ilayaraja then changed his music studio to his home and began working on 'Thamezharasan'. The film is directed by Babu Yogeswaran and stars. Vijay Antony & Remya Nambeesan in the main roles. The film is produced by S Kowsalya Rani under the motto of SNS Movies.