Venezuelan court accuses more legislators by lifting

CARACAS: Announced The Accusation Of Three Legislators More On Wednesday To Support The Failed April 30 Rising Orchestrated By The Leader Of The Opposition.

The Three, Named As Freddy Superlano, Sergio Vergara And Juan Andrés Mejía, Are Accused Of High Treason And Conspiracy.

Increase To 10 The Number Of Opposition Legislators Accused Of Supporting Guaido, After Announcement Of The Court Accusing Others Seven On Tuesday.

Shortly After The Announcement, The Constituent Assembly, Which Effectively Acts As A Rubber Stamp Of The Regime, Stripped The Seven Members Of Their Parliamentary Immunity.

The Constituent Assembly Has Said That It Would Suspend The Immunity Of The Legislators Who Supported The Uprising, Which Provoked Two Days Of Clashes Between The Security Forces And The Demonstrators. Attorney General Tarek William Saab Says The Clashes Caused The Death Of Six People.

More Dozens Resulted In Wounds And More Than 233 Were Arrested.