Three arrested in Greece for the death of a Bulgarian fan in Thessaloniki

SALONICA: Three people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder of a Bulgarian football fan during an attack by PAOK supporters, Greek police said on Monday.

A police statement said two Greek men, one of 26 and one of 24, were arrested Sunday night and accused of participating in the attack a few hours earlier.

A 26-year-old Greek woman was also arrested on suspicion of having run over the fallen victim with her car and leaving the scene, an incident that police believe was not related to the previous attack.

It was still unclear if the 28-year-old Botev Plovdiv fan was already dead when he was hit by the car. Two other Bulgarian men were injured in the attack by more than a dozen PAOK fans.

Supporters of Botev Plovdiv are linked to the Aris team of Thessaloniki, PAOK's biggest rival in the city. On Saturday, the three attended the Aris-PAOK derby in which Aris beat the PAOK league leader 4-2.

Police said the three Bulgarians were among a group of people suddenly attacked by PAOK fans. The others were able to escape.