Update by Kasautii Zindagii Kay, January 6: Anurag organizes the tilak ceremony of Prerna and Viraj

The episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Prerna talking with Viraj. He tells her that the decision to marry him depends on her. Anurag asks Prerna if she will love him now because she found a boy like Viraj for her.

Viraj and Prerna, both agree for the marriage. Komolika congratulates Prerna and then she says that finally her chapter has ended for her and Anurag 's life. Mohini is happy to hear this. Komolika visits Prerna and invites her for the tilak ceremony at the Basu house.

Shivani tells Prerna that Anurag has come to meet her. Prerna tells Anurag that she keeps irritating him and that's why Anurag wants her to get married. Anurag tells the Sharma family that he wants to organize Prerna and Viraj's tilak ceremony at his house. Prerna dreams about Anurag and shouts his name loud. Anurag also thinks about their iconic dupatta scene and screams mat ja but he is unable to understand who the girl was in the dream.

Komolika is happy about Anurag getting such a dream and feels happy. Komolika actively participates in the preparation of the tilak ceremony. Anurag thinks to himself that why isn't he happy about Prerna 's marriage because he was the one who wanted all this to happen. Moloy is unsure about what is happening at their place.

Anurag tells Moloy that Viraj and Prerna are getting married that is why they have organized this function for them. Prerna and Viraj come for the tilak ceremony.