IOA receives support from World Archery for Commonwealth associations

New Delhi, January 6 () The Indian Olympic Association received full support from World Archery on Monday in its proposal to organize a Commonwealth championship for sport, which is not on the Birmingham CWG list, in March 2022 .

The IOA chief, Narinder Batra, had written to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) on January 3, proposing to organize the Commonwealth Championships in shooting and archery, which he described as two complementary events complementary to the Commonwealth Games 2022.

World Archery General Secretary Tom Dielen, in a letter to Batra on Monday, supported the IOA's proposal to organize a Commonwealth Championship and said it will provide all the help needed to organize such a tournament.

We have received a copy of your proposal for the CGF and we are pleased that the Indians have included archery in this proposal. World Archery is giving full support to this proposal to have an archery competition in India as part of the Commonwealth Games friendship program. Dielen wrote in the letter.

We will work with the Indian government, IOA and you to finalize the details and the exact program, but we would suggest adding the mixed team events that will also be presented in Tokyo 2020, he added.

In the case of the proposed shooting championships, the IOA sent its proposal on the recommendation of CGF after the Indian Olympic body threatened to withdraw from the 2022 Birmingham Games for abandoning the 'optional' sport from its list.

The international Shooting Federation has also provided full support to India to organize the championships.

In a surprise move, the IOA also decided to send a proposal to organize a Commonwealth Championship in archery, along with shooting, after obtaining approval from its General Corps during its annual meeting on December 30.

Although both are optional sports at the Commonwealth Games, shooting, except for Edinburgh 1970, has appeared in all editions since the Kingston Games of 1966.

But archery has been part of the CWG only twice in the past: 1982 edition in Brisbane and 2020 Delhi Games.

In his letter to the head of CGF, Louise Martin, Batra had stated that the medals won in these archery and archery championships should be added to the final account of the Commonwealth Games country of 2022.

The Ministry of Sports has already given its approval to organize the archery and shooting championships. While the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has pledged to bear the expenses of the shooting event, the ministry is expected to pay the archery championship bill.

World Archery also said it will recognize the championships proposed for world records, as well as for world rankings.

We will promote the event among our member associations and provide the necessary technical assistance, he said.

There is currently no national archery association recognized by the world body and the sport is being administered by a transitional committee. But according to the order of the Delhi High Court, the elections will be held on January 18.

... we are currently facing some problems with the Indian Archery Association, but these should be resolved over the next few months and we will work with the newly elected president to make this event (proposed championships) a success, said the secretary general of the World Archery. wrote Meanwhile, we will continue the dialogue with the CGF to include archery in the Commonwealth Games program. PDS PDS AH AH