Ajay Devgn: If I compared the industry today with the moment I started, it's like two different people

It's not a secret that ‘ Tanhaji: the warrior not sung Mark the 100th movie of Ajay Devgn. In an interview with Bombay Times, before the release of the film, Ajay spoke about the changes that the industry has witnessed over the years. He said: Honestly, I didn't realize it was my 100th movie, until Om Raut (movie director) pointed it out. It is a mere coincidence. Today, the industry has become very professional and if I had to compare it with the moment I started, it's like two different people. It is like two different industries. Previously, I wasn't that professional, of course, it was a lot of fun, which I miss. But now what is at stake is too high and you cannot afford to take it easy. Previously, we relaxed for hours and chewed on the set when filming was not happening. All that has changed. Now, you must complete the schedule on time, since everything has a tight budget. Every hour costs money. Personally, I have become more responsible. We used to do 15 Films at the same time, but now we are so involved in each project, therefore, we are more focused. There is also the pressure of the media, before we never read a review or made promotions of this type. The movie's release is scheduled and they told us, it's that simple.

For the full interview, read tomorrow's issue of Bombay Times.