University students appreciate railway officials for their constant service

Recently, students of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of commerce and science gave a show of thanks to the masters of the station of Dahisar to Bandra. Around 80 railway employees were congratulated during this activity.

The seniors of the university decided to thank the station teachers, the ticket sales officers and the rest of the railroad staff. The event saw the students give a thank you card and a cloth bag as a token of appreciation for the permanent service of the railway staff. The cloth bag was delivered to spread the message of Go Green and stop using plastic. Railroad employees greatly appreciated the efforts made by students along with university officials.


As part of this thank you campaign, 30 volunteers from their university festival and 12 students from the NSS wings worked on this.

Nirvaan, the intercollegiate youth festival organized by the students of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of commerce and science will be held on 23-24 January 2020.

The USP of the festival focuses on combining a social initiative with a variety of events based on culture, management, sports, fine arts, literary arts and information technology.


The festival began with the event of congratulating railway employees. Dr. Megha Juvekar, an officer of the university's NSS program, said: “The idea of ​​thanking railway officials came to mind when we saw them work in NYE (New Year's Eve) when everyone is enjoying themselves and railway employees were at our service All night long. Therefore, it was decided to thank and appreciate their work the next day of the year.



Each year, Dr. Poonam Kakkad, Coordinator of the departments of BMS, BAF and coordinator of the Nirvaan festival, with the support of the University Management and the Director Swiddle D'Cunha and her team of students, undertakes numerous social initiatives for Responsibility University Social. Students at our university receive training and are given values ​​to contribute to the welfare of society and its development, said Poonam.