AMU students hold demonstration, demand resignation of JNU VC for violence on campus

ALIGARH: Students at (AMU) on Monday demanded the resignation of Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) when hundreds participated in a demonstration here for the violence of masked men on the Delhi campus.

In a statement, the AMU Student Coordination Committee (AMUSCC) demanded the resignation, asking it to assume moral responsibility for violence in the university team.

Denouncing as shocking reports that even medical teams that go to help the injured were prevented by the mafia from entering the JNU campus, the AMUSCC, in a statement that said only a judicial investigation with set deadlines would reveal the complete truth

The AMUSCC has led an agitation against the amended citizenship law.

The alleged involvement of thugs linked to ABVP would be confirmed by a judicial investigation, he said, while strongly condemning the mistreatment of the president of the Swaraj party by criminals allegedly under the patronage of the police.

The AMU students also held a Tyranga March on the AMU campus later in the day in solidarity with the JNU students and all other student bodies currently holding peaceful protests against the CAA.

Raising slogans JNU tum sangharsh karo, hum tumhare saath hain (JNU! Fights, we are with you), the protesters delivered a memorandum, addressed to the President of India, to the district authorities here.

The memorandum of the protesting students, among other things, also demanded immediate punishment of those responsible for the attack on students and teachers of the UN.

The Association of Resident Physicians (RDA) at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU also held a protest at the Trauma Center of the Sunday violence hospital in JNU.

In a statement, the president of the GDR, Dr. Mohammad Hamzas, claimed that the Delhi Police served as mafia facilitators.

The secretary of the AMU Staff Association, Professor Najmul Islam, said that the president, prime minister and the president of the Supreme Court of India must intervene directly before the situation gets worse.

In his memo addressed to the president of India, AMU students, among other things, also sought actions against police officers allegedly responsible for killing peaceful protesters in some parts of the country during recent protests against the CAA.

The students also demanded the release of all detained and anti-CAA protesters.

The memo also condemned the recent attack on Gurdwara Nankana Sahib in the Punjab of Pakistan, saying: We strongly oppose any attempt to impose majoritarianism in any country.

He also urged the president to ensure that the government does not attempt to crush the fundamental right of citizens to make peaceful protests against any problem, including the CAA.

The students also urged the president, who is also the visitor of the central university team, to take immediate action to reopen it.

The march and demonstration of the students of the AMU on Monday in protest against the attack on the students and teachers of the JNU by masked criminals on Sunday night was the second in the same number of days.

They had held a demonstration on Sunday night, shortly after the news of the attack on the students and teachers of the UN.

In a statement, the AMU Teachers Association (AMUTA) had also condemned the violence.