AI for teacher training and growth

A teacher training The program was organized by the Department of Community Education and Disability Studies of the PU in collaboration with the University's Human Resources Development Center (HRDC). The event focused on aspects of teacher development.nDuring the farewell address, Professor Shankarji Jha, Dean of University Instruction, talked about how teachers should stay updated. He compared his position with other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc., and said that staying in line with the latest developments is essential. AIPU2

He was there during the final day of the 15-day refresher course for the college of higher education that was attended by participants from seven states.

Dr. Dazy Zarabi, course coordinator and chairman of the department of community education and disability studies, mentioned that 20 people were invited from resources, and topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) in teacher training , growth and empowerment of teacher educator, curriculum development, and emotional intelligence They discussed.