UN violence: the cry for the dismissal of the vice chancellor grows

NEW DELHI: The demand for dismissal of the JNU vice chancellor became stronger on Monday, with the student union and teachers accusing him of behaving like a gangster and of perpetrating violence in the university.

The president, who was brutally attacked on Sunday by a group of masked men, accused him of incompetence and demanded that he resign.

The secretary general of the IPC (M), a former president of JNUSU, said: The vice chancellor is also complicit in this attack. You must be fired immediately.

For his part, Kumar appealed to all students to keep the peace, saying that the main priority of the university was to protect the academic interests of the students.

The (UNHCR) demanded that the vice chancellor present his resignation or be removed by the Ministry of Human Resources.

He is a cowardly vice chancellor who introduces illegal policies through the back door, escapes questions from students or teachers and then fabricates a situation to demonize JNU, the JNUSU accused.

The violence that happened is the result of the desperation and frustration of the VC and his cronies. But the chronology of the events that took place today is a shameful episode for the Delhi Police, which took a safe step for ABVP thugs imported from outside. alleged.

Sonajharia Minz, former president of JNUTA, questioned Kumar's absence when the entire incident took place.

Where was our supreme authority, the VC, when this attack occurred between 4.30 and 7 pm? Where was he? Minz asked.

Vikramaditya Chaudhary, a faculty member, said they tried to call administration officials but no one answered.

My wife was chased by a mafia. She ran for her life while being mistreated and persecuted. He also closed the house from inside. They hit every house in the housing society complex, Chaudhary claimed.

Kumar stayed away from meetings between the administration of JNU and the Ministry of Human Resources on Monday. PTI SLB PR