India vs Sri Lanka: the manager of India will cite the lack of competence for the cancellation of the first T20I

NEW DELHI: Lack of competition among grassroots saw India's T20I game against Sri Lanka suspended in the Barsapara Stadium in Guwahati on Sunday when water seeped through the decks in the field making it impossible for the game to be played.

And the report of the Indian team manager is ready to mention this point when it is prepared and sent to the Cricket Control Board in India ( BCCI ) President Sourav Ganguly , Secretary Jay Shah and treasurer Arun Dhumal.

Sources who know the developments said that the local curators present at the stadium were not experts in handling the situation and that was where everything went wrong. In fact, the same will be mentioned in the manager's report.

Look, the problem is that they eliminated the previous curator Mukut Kalita due to internal differences and now the new people in charge could not face the challenge since they were not sufficiently trained. How not to be aware that there are holes? on the decks? They just rolled the super sopper and the end result was that the water leaked and the rest was there for everyone to see.

You cannot really blame BCCI chief curator Ashish Bhowmick for that. He isn't supposed to be aware if the covers have holes or not. The manager's report that will be sent to the secretary will have that mentioned that there should have been more awareness , the source said.

When contacted, Kalita though said that it was unfortunate as to what happened. See, I resigned because I was going to be a father. I am currently working as a neutral curator with the BCCI and am in Pune for the Ranji Trophy game. Before this I was in Agartala and Kolkata. I did see what happened yesterday and it is unfortunate. Happens when it is a high-profile situation and you get nervous, he said.

The three curators currently in charge at the stadium are BCCI qualified Ratul Das, Barshamangal Baruah and Bibhash Talukdar. BCCI chief curator Bhowmick was also present for the game and apart from the Indian team manager's report, the report of the match referee - David Boon - and the report of Bhowmick will also go to BCCI.

When contacted, Assam Cricket Association Secretary Devajit Saikia said it was a clear case of lack of time for the land managers who saw the game being abandoned.

The drying process took longer, during the day it would have been different. At 6:30 p. M. The launch happened and at 6:50 p. M. There was a heavy downpour and hail. This continued until 7:53 p. M. An hour and three minutes there was a heavy rain and the referees said we had to prepare the ground before 8:45 pm, otherwise, the game will be abandoned. 57 minutes were given to the land managers. If we had more time, we could have prepared the ground. There was humidity throughout the field due to the reverse osmosis system and what was said in the comments, I can't comment on that, he said.