Everything you need to know about Shokuner Lov

Anindya Bikas Datta's next thriller ‘ Shokuner lov ’Go to a crime reporter risking his life to solve a 16-year-old murder. Can you overcome the challenges along the way? What will be the result? Sounds interesting, right! With a whole cast that includes Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Joy Sengupta , Tuhina Das Shankar Chakraborty, Ratan Sarkhel and Tapati Munshi, the thriller expects a release in February.

So, what's the story all about? Both in his private and professional life, Anirban Sengupta (Parambrata) became cornered. Sengupta, a senior crack reporter of a daily, failed to find out any growth path in his career, as he was the victim of the circumstances, precisely victim of office politics. On the other hand, he lost his love Mou Bondopadhyay (Tuhina Das), rather sacrificed his love for journalism, which is not only a mere job but also a passion and a dream to Anirban. Plus, his mother is in death bed. His father was a renowned sports journalist, who died earlier.

When Anirban Sengupta felt that he had reached the dead end, suddenly a glimmer of hope came out. He obtained crucial information about a murder in the city that took place 16 years ago and was the first reporter to arrive at the site in the Dalhousie area. A Persian woman was killed. The assailant had pumped a single bullet into his head. Kolkata police had closed the file keeping the mystery unsolved. However, after 16 years, the new Kolkata police commissioner was eager to solve the old puzzle. Anirban began receiving a chain of information. He took it as his last chance for his return.

But, again, Anirban encountered a series of obstacles to achieve his goal. This time, he received a hit from his own office. He tried his best to look forward, but it was dark and black. What happens next leads to some interesting twists and turns.

While the script is by Surbek Biswas and Anindya Bikas Datta , the PDO is Supriyo Dutta and Joydip is the editor.