Nehha Pendse and Shardul Bayas get married amid family and friends

Actress Nehha Pendse he married his fiance, businessman Shardul Berries , in a traditional Maharashtrian ceremony in Pune on Sunday. The wedding was a private matter in which only the family and close friends of the bride and groom attended. The happy bride wore a pink Nauvari sari while Shardul looked handsome in a dhoti-kurta in the do. Shardul_Bayas_and_Neha_Pendse (1) (1)

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The celebrations took place over the weekend with a sangeet ceremony on Friday, engagement on Saturday and a traditional wedding ceremony on Sunday. In the sangeet, the guests enjoyed while the Punjabi singer Sukhbir performed some of his popular songs.

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Among those in the entertainment world we saw during the three days were Armaan Kohli , Abhijit and Sukhada Khandkekar, Shruti Marathe and Gaurav Ghatnekar , Sanskruti Balgude , Siddharth Menon and Poornima Nair, Rahul Ranade, Ajinkya Deo and Hemangi Kavi.

Abhijit_and_Sukhada_Khandkekar_ (2) (1) Post the wedding ceremony, Nehha and Shardul let their hair down and grooved to songs with their friends. Dressed in a stunning evening gown, Nehha proposed a toast for a happy life with her husband. While Sanskruti got teary-eyed, Siddharth Menon lightened up the atmosphere by serenading the happy couple with romantic songs. Soon after, Nehha added her husband’s last name, Bayas, after hers on her social media accounts.