Thanks to Chhapaak I was able to celebrate my birthday in Lucknow: Deepika Padukone

Mood in Sheroes Hangout Café in Lucknow he was optimistic while the girls waited there Deepika Padukone to come and celebrate his birthday with them. The girls, all survivors of acid attacks, dressed beautifully with jhumkas, colored bracelets, lipstick and kajal that adorn their lips and eyes, to welcome the actress who played her friend and colleague Laxmi Agarwal on the screen. Meghna Gulzar 'S' Chhapaak '. Dressed in a golden shaikra chikan, Deepika smiled as she entered the cafe with director Meghna, co-actor. Vikrant Massey , Laxmi and Alok Dixit. The team of  Chhapaak  with the acid attack survivors (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav) The team of Chhapaak with the acid attack survivors (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav)

In the cafe, Deepika met each and every survivor who worked there and spoke to them. Getting excited sometimes, the actress encouraged the girls. Vikrant, who plays Alok Dixit in the film, who in real life has been Lakshmi's partner, also interacted with the girls. Lakshmi also told anecdotes of the days he worked at Sheroes Lucknow.


Talking about Lucknow Deepika said, “I haven’t shot in Lucknow yet, but I hope to be able to do so in future. I haven’t see much of the city but I would love to see more of it. The last time I was in Lucknow for Bajirao Mastani promotions and at that time the Metro wasn't here, but ab toh woh bhi hai which is really good and although a lot of cities change with modernization, Lucknow has still maintained that old world charm . I'm looking forward to coming here soon and spending more time here. And I’m very happy that because of Chhapaak I am able to spend and celebrate my birthday today here in Lucknow with Lakshmi and all the other girls. ”

Meanwhile, Meghna said he is waiting for the right script to film in Lucknow. “Mujhe agar yahan ke liye script milegi toh main yahan zaroor aa ke shoot karungi kyunki mujhe yeh shahar bahut pasand hai. Lucknow has developed a lot and I have heard that it is very popular among filmmakers. The girls at the café gifted Deepika a sketch of hers from the film  Chhapaak  (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav) The girls at the café gifted Deepika a sketch of hers from the film Chhapaak (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav)


The actress spelt out her reasons for doing this film. “My reason for doing this film was this very-very inspiring girl sitting here (pointing at Laxmi). Acid attack ka jo mudda hai, uske upar obviously we throw light on that, but more importantly it is the spirit of Laxmi and the impact that she's had, not just on other attack fighters but also the society at large and other girls and women, which is commendable and that is what drew me to this subject. So there’s a much larger message that drew me to Chhapaak. And for me, if I may say as an actor and as a human being, her validation of my work is the most important thing for me right now. Yahan birthday celebrate karne ka matlab wahi hai life celebrate karna. But haan maine bahut kuchh seekha hai Laxmi se aur mujhe lagta hain main kaafi evolve bhi hui hoon unse milne ke baad. ”


And while Deepika talked to the media, every time a loud applause rose, Deepika looked at the cafeteria entrance waiting for Husband Ranveer to come to who he was waiting for before cutting the birthday cake. And he made a great entrance with loud sirens and people shouting and shouting.

Deepika feeding the cake to Laxmi’s daughter Pihu (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav) Deepika feeding the cake to Laxmi's daughter, Pihu (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav)


To celebrate the Piku actress’s birthday, three cakes were brought in, one a three-tiered one with pictures of Deepika as a child, her Filmfare Award trophy and a poster of Chhapaak on it. She cut it amid loud cheer as the café girls sang Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye. The loudest cheer of course was of Ranveer who looked at his wife in adoration. Deepika first fed the cake to Laxmi and her daughter Pihu and then hubby Ranveer. The girls at the gifted Deepika bamboo plants and a sketch of hers from the film Chhapaak.

Deepika cut her birthday cake with the acid attack survivors (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav) Deepika cut her birthday cake with the survivors of the acid attack (BCCL/Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui and Aditya Yadav)


Also present were Bala Prajapati, Jeetu Sharma, Kunti Soni and Ritu Saini, all survivors of acid attacks and who have acted in the films. While Jeetu and Kunti are working at Lucknow Sheroes, Ritu is working at the Sheroes office in Delhi and Bala is working at the Agra Sheroes cafe. Speaking of his experience of working with Deepika, Ritu said: It's a dream come true. She treated us like any other co-star. She talked to us during breaks and joked with us. She didn't make us feel extra in the movie. Jeetu shared the same feelings. “Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki mujhe Deepika ji ke saath movie mein acting karne ka mauka milega. Usually when people see us for the first time, there is an expression of surprise on their faces, but Deepika ma'am did not flinch a second when she first saw me. She met me and hugged me.