Agnisakshi Update, January 3: Sannidhi says goodbye to his family members

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Tanu searches for Akhil and then finds him talking to Maya. She suspects that they speak happily and try to listen to their conversation.

Maya thanks Akhil for being her support system and leaves the place, Tanu intervenes and questions Akhil about her relationship with Maya. Akhil reluctantly ignores her and walks away.

Tanu is devastated and meets Maya privately. In addition, he demands an explanation from Maya for being close to Akhil. However, Tanu's wrath for Maya is short-lived when she learns that Maya moved to Mumbai forever.

Maya advises Tanu to forget the past and lead a happy life with Akhil in the future. He wishes Tanu a happy married life and hugs her. Interestingly, Tanu is surprised when he finds out about Maya's decision. He hugs her and wishes him the best.

Meanwhile, Shourya decides to take Anjali along with him to his house. He apologizes to Maya for hiding the truth about his forced marriage to Anjali. Maya forces him and thanks him.

Anjali intervenes and gets excited when he left his father's house. She hugs her family members and says goodbye to them before moving to her husband's house.

On the other hand, after having helped the family overcome all obstacles, Sannidhi is at peace and feels a sense of calm that he had never felt before. Realizing that it is time for Sannidhi to live her life with Siddharth, family members suggest going to Australia and reuniting with her husband.

With the satisfaction of fulfilling his commitments to the family, Sannidhi accepts his suggestion.

Sannidhi visits Swamiji to inform him of his decision to move to Australia and seeks his blessing. Swamiji is proud of her, as she achieved her goal of protecting her family members from her enemies.

Sannidhi is overwhelmed. The show ends with Sannidhi going to Australia to lead a new life with her husband Siddharth.