Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: this time it's about being a joint family in Bigg Boss

After providing the Mollywood audience with an intriguing and novel experience in 2018, the second edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam It premiered on Sunday and this time the contestants presented a series of celebrities and those are not so popular.

Bigg Boss interns this year are social activists and public speakers. Rajith Kumar , actresses Rajini Chandy, Alina Padikkal, Thezni Khan, Arya, Veena Nair, Manju Sunichen, actors Pradeep Chandran, Saju Navodaya, fame of music video of lip sync Fukru, models Reshma Rajan, Sujo Mathew, Alexandra Johnson, filmmaker Suresh Krishnan, singers Somadas, Pareekutty Perumbavoor and RJ Raghu.

The first episode of the show had many surprises in the store, not only for the public but also for its host. Mohanlal . The superstar was surprised by Rajith Kumar’s makeover as he sported a fully-shaven look. Many from the contestants including Fukru also expressed their happiness meeting Mohanlal.

As for how the audience reacted after the first episode, many are of the opinion that it was Mohanlal who was the highlight. Basheer Bashi , who participated in the last edition, says: I thought the selection of this year's contestants could have been better. Last time, the 16 members were from various sections of society. But this time, there is a mixture of familiar and unknown faces that makes me wonder how active the contestants would be compared to the previous ones. In addition, only five to six members are familiar with the audience.

Techie Arun Krishnadas, however, feels that the current mix of contestants makes him a great leveler. Now, it is an equal house unlike season 1, where there were a couple of big hits. This time you cannot predict a winner immediately, and that makes it more unpredictable. However, because many are not widely known to the public, I presume that the main challenge would be to win and maintain the audience. For that, they have to spice up the segments to attract audience, ”he says.

However, the reason for the varied selection of contestants this year is to maintain connection with the serial audience, says B S Praveen Kumar, a senior official of the channel. “We have included members who are more familiar with the television audience. We have also incorporated many timely updates that reflect our society for the public to understand. This is not a script program. Predominantly, many of this season's contestants, including Manju and Suresh, are cooks. So, basically it is fiction within nonfiction.

A highlight of the first episode was the change of image of Rajith. Basheer says: “I was surprised to see the change of image of Rajith, who called our attention for his controversial statements. People like him adapt to the Bigg Boss format.

Supporting him, coach Arun Krishnadas says: “It is a necessary element in a show like this. It is good if there is also a woman in the house like Ranjini Haridas or someone who can combat her perception.

The animated interiors of the house also received praise from the audience. Housewife Chithrakala CK says: It seems visually richer than the previous edition. In addition, new additions such as Jail make you expect certain segments. In addition to our favorite television actors Arya, Alina and Pashanam Shaji, we can also see elegant girls like Reshma and Alasandra. I think this year's contestants are more friendly and not aggressive compared to those of the past.

The setup also reflects a familiar family system with fun and jokes, and some fans also noticed, such as cinematographer Saneesh Sanu, who says: “From the 23-year-old Fukru to veteran Rajani Chechi, it feels like a house with a joint family and the contestants join in such a way too. We will have to wait and see if this continues because you can see your true self only after two weeks in the house. ”

Many well-wishers of the contestants and fans of the show too are expecting this season to be ‘much more chilled out” because of the personalities of the contestants. Actress Parvathy R Krishna says, “I am looking forward to the episodes as there are more sweet people like Alina and Arya chechi. I think it will be a cool season with them in the mix. However, it can also always shock or surprise you with those like Rajith Kumar in the mix, who has already started to rub people the wrong way with his remarks, and Reshma, who has mood swings. ”