Arindam is a compliment to Rituparna

Arindam Sil is busy shooting for Mayakumari in Belgachia Rajbari with about 10-15 actors during the last days. “Rajbari has been given a different look for the movie. The production team has done a great job. Most of the actors who had filmed here before could not recognize the place, said Sil, during lunch. “Food, as everyone knows, plays a very important role in my unit. So today's lunch is bhaat, dal, chingri malai, bidder bora and chutney . As we are filming in the north of Kolkata, having nolen gurer mishti is essential for the team. ”  Arindam Sil

Arindam can't stop praising Rituparna Sengupta, with whom he is working for the first time. “Everyone says she comes in late, but for this film she is always on the set before time. Yesterday, we had a scene with Rajatava (Dutta) and Rituparna. It was supposed to be for four seconds in the film, but we took four hours to shoot that as two eras had to be captured in the same frame. I must say Ritu is putting her best foot forward, ”said Arindam.