The bloody drug war in the Philippines cannot stop methamphetamine supply: vice president

MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte The war on drugs has only managed to curb the supply of methamphetamines in less than 1% of annual consumption, proof that it has been a bloody failure, said its main political rival, the vice president, on Monday.

Thousands of suspected drug traffickers and users have been killed in the campaign that Duterte launched shortly after winning the elections in 2016.

The vice president, who was elected separately to the president, and recently served a brief period as the president's drug czar, said large quantities of the highly addictive drug were available because seizures had barely affected the supply.

It is very clear, according to official data, despite the amount of Filipinos killed and the budget spent, the volume of shabu supply did not exceed 1%, Robredo said at a press conference, referring to methamphetamines.

Robredo, a former lawyer, has long criticized Duterte's flagship drug campaign, whose main focus has been methamphetamine.

Citing police data, he said that the annual seizures of the drug in the last three years were in a range of approximately 1,000 kg, compared to the estimated consumption of 3,000 kg per week, which translates into 156 tons per year, with worth approximately 1.3 trillion pesos ($ 25 billion).

the United Nations La Oficina de Drogas y Delitos estimó que el comercio de Asia y el Pacífico valía hasta $ 61.4 mil millones en 2018, frente a the $ 15 mil millones estimados solo cinco años antes.

Duterte named Robredo his drug czar on November 5 after the opposition leader, in an interview and subsequent public appearances, expressed alarm at the death toll in the anti-narcotics campaign and said he needed a new approach.

But 18 days later, Duterte fired her after she had exposed campaign failures.

Robredo said the government should change its strategy and stop police anti-drug operations.

En lugar de perseguir o matar a the traficantes de drogas en las esquinas de las calles, necesitamos buscar la fuente de las drogas, the grandes proveedores. Ellos son el verdadero enemigo, no la gente común, dijo Robredo.

En respuesta a the comentarios de Robredo, la portavoz presidencial dijo que su período como la principal funcionaria antidrogas del presidente había sido un fracaso.

" the fact remains that we have dismantled so many illegal drug factories ... caused the surrender of thousands of drug addicts and pushers ... and neutralised high-value drug suspects," Panelo said.