Trinayani Update, January 5: Sanjukta fails to convince Nayan

In the last episode of Trinayani , Nayan shed tears remembering recent incidents. She remembers how Dripta He misunderstood her when she denied sharing part of the property with Piku and Jeet.

On the other hand, Dripta fails to understand why Nayan is behaving this way. He has already promised his mom to share the property between Jeet and Piku as well. For a moment, he considers talking to Nayan but then stops.

Nayan too stops herself from discussing the matter with Dripta. Both turn emotional.

Vicky knocks on Sanjukta's door in the middle of the night. Sanjukta gets irked seeing Vicky in an inebriated state. Vicky tells, convincing Dripta for the property won’t help them because Nayan will never let them have the property. Vicky recalls how Nayan took an oath not to let Sanjukta take over the property.

Nayan worries about the future. Next day, the family members arrange the Shraddha ceremony of Tapabrata. Nayan, who is aware that Tapabrata is still alive, hesitates offering a white garland to his (Tapabrata’s) photo. She apologizes standing in front of Tapabrata’s photo and expresses her helplessness.

Thammi asks why Dripta hasn’t come. Thammi and Nayan worry which side will Dripta choose.

Piku and Sanjukta pretend to be upset. Sanjukta apologizes to Nayan but the latter doesn’t believe her. Later, Vicky asks Sanjukta to be patient and not lose temper in front of Nayan. He also asks her to shed tears since it is Tapabrata’s shraddha.