Advancement of Bigg Boss Malayalam January 2, 6: housemates will choose their first captain

The new season of great boss Malayalam It was released yesterday (January 5). The new season began its journey with 17 contestants from different areas of life. After the gala premiere episode, the housemates settled in the BB house that is well designed.

On the second day inside the house, all housemates are prepared to select their first captain. In the promotional video, Alina Padikkal can be seen reading the instructions of big boss regarding the selection of 'Grihanadhan' (head of household).

Interestingly, during the discussion, Alina is seen pulling Pareekutty It is a leg that the latter does not even know his name.

In the video, housemates are also seen shaking their legs with the morning song.

The first episode of the Mohanlal The show presented was a gala event. From the grand entrance of the presenter to the impressive performances of the contestants, the episode was a complete artist.

Most of the contestants belong to the television industry, from the host Arya to the former ' Singer star 'Somadas contestant, half of the contestants are familiar faces. While, the other half consists of social media models and celebrities that are not well known to the audience.

It will be interesting to see how the new season of the reality show is ranked on the TRP charts.