A few key moments in the 2020 Golden Globes

Everything was in the 77th Annual golden balloons Awards Sunday night. The brilliant function that took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, saw a large crowd of celebrities, some flashy fashion and, of course, a lot of well deserved awards. But the night will also be remembered for its special moments that have become viral and even initiated memes. These are some of the highlights of that program ...

The grimace of Tom Hanks


The veteran actor's facial expression will be one of the most remembered of the year. Your reactions to the witty host Ricky Gervais The monologue looked like a moment of palm of the hand, which clearly indicates that the jokes did not go well. It is said that his grimace gave rise to the first meme of the year.

Music ad this time


Actor Ansel Elgort He decided to be different and instead of just reading the prize category, he chose to sing it, which left Dakota Fanning Struggling to contain his laughter The two were presenting the award to Elton John for his song ‘(I Gonna) Love Me Again’, from the movie ‘Rocketman’.

Obama receives thanks


Phoebe Waller Bridge mentioned nothing less than the former president of the United States Barack Obama in her speech. The actress had bagged two golden balloons for her comedy series and made a witty note of thanks to Obama in her speech, referencing how he put the show on his list of year-end fave TV shows.

Yes, Joaquin dropped an F bomb


Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix who won the award for best actor in a dramatic film for his performance worthy of applause in the film, was news for launching the F bomb on stage. He also delivered a slightly strange speech, first thanking the organizers of the awards for the vegan menu and then thanking other nominees, including Christian Bale, for whom he was a little intimidated. Phoenix also referred to the issue of Australia's ongoing forest fires and emphasized the issue of climate action and said: Contrary to popular belief, I don't want to shake the boat. But the boat is fucking shaken.