Advancement of Bigg Boss Kannada January 7, 6: Harish Raj to dress as a woman

Bigg Boss Kannada is preparing for the third week and the creators are going crazy to entertain viewers with interesting tasks.

Interestingly, the next episode will be another entertaining one that seems. In the last promotion launched by the channel that broadcasts the program, Harish Raj is seen wearing a sari. The actor is seen entertaining his interns inside the house.

Recently, during a fun task, Shine Shetty had adorned herself as a modern woman and managed to get the highest luxury budget task by entertaining other inmates. Well, now it's Shine's turn.

On the other hand, in the previous episode, Chandana Ananthkrishna was expelled from the house. The happy and lucky girl nominated Priyanka directly to the danger zone before leaving the greenhouse.