Why is Pradipta Bhattacharya's musical short 'LYAD' unique?

The musical short film 'LYAD' by Pradipta Bhattacharya is an interesting project. The word 'LYAD' means 'to do nothing' in a voluntary dream state. Lyad It is a way of doing nothing WITHOUT EFFORT, but never feeling bad about it.

Pradipta presents a story with which every Bengali in the world can resonate. It is the first Bengali content filmed completely in animation with Ritwick Chakraborty playing the lead role, being the only live action character with superlative computer graphics and robust postproduction. The musical short will be released on January 11.

The film is about a frustrated corporate man (Ritwick Chakraborty), buried in work even on a Sunday morning. He is rattled by frantic calls from his office, continued nags from his wife to do the weekend tasks, chaotic loudspeaker announcements from the lane besides, agitated pressure-cooker whistle as if it's going to burst anytime - and amid all this catastrophe his phone hangs ! Phew !!

This is when the iconic Bhooter Raja, appears in his hung-mobile through an app&gives him a boon, a boon where he will be in slumber for a day - nothing in the world can affect him while he taking rest (rather Lyaad) for 24 hours. The musical starts from here and captures a day where he is enjoying his Lyad moments, completely unaffected by the chaos around. He passes on the app to his boss at the end of the film.

In today’s demanding and ever rushing world Lyad is your only escape to a state of mind which is truly your space. Lyad is a productive way of not producing anything. So be ready to flaunt your Lyad unabashedly.

Composed by Anirban Ajoy Das whose previous works include Saiyaan and Ekhoni Esho Na who obtained millions of views on YouTube, has been sung by a popular singer Dibyendu Mukherjee . While the animation is by Amit Kumar Bagchi, the works of the camera are by Rana Pratap Karforma.