Bigg Boss 13: Kamya Panjabi reacts to Shehnaz Gill slapping Sidharth Shukla; says: 'Don't lose the plot'

In the precap of Bigg Boss 13 which aired on Sunday, January 5 in the episode, the contestants have been violent with everything. In the promotional video, Shehnaz Gill looks slapping Sidharth Shukla , which leaves him in complete shock.

This news has spread like a forest fire and people on social networks are reacting to it. TV actress and Bigg Boss 7 contestant, Kamya Panjabi He has also reacted to this incident. The actress believes that Shehnaz is losing the plot of the game and advises her to control her movements, since people really love her. This is what she tweeted: Shehnaaz aapse log bahot pyaar karte hai .. Aaj ka epi n precap both were disappointing! Don't lose the plot girl # BB13 @ColorsTV #ShehnaazGilll (sic)

Kamya warned Shehnaz that hitting herself is not right either because this means that she is giving others the opportunity to build a bridge between Sidarth's friendship and hers. This is what Kamya wrote: Feelings and expectations hone bilkul buri baat nahi hai but apne aapko aise maarna chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye galat hai especially jab aap ek game ka hissa ho, aisa karke aap logon ko mauka by rahe ho aapki dosti meh aur daraar daalne ka! Sana needs to understand this and play intelligently!

Sidharth Shukla was seen speaking to Mahira Sharma and asking her why do people get jealous of her. This irked Shehnaz and she has a major breakdown where she alleges Sidharth of spoiling her image because she isn't jealous of anyone.

Later, Sidharth tells others that once jealousy sneaks in, it doesn't go out.