Hritojeet Chattopadhyay will be the protagonist in Sarbamangala

Hatojeet Chattopadhyay He has bagged another project as the main actor. Soon, you will see it in the next Bengali daily soap ‘ Sarbamangala ’. Actress Sanchaari Das of Amar Durga's fame will face him.

Hritojeet, considered one of the most handsome actors in Bengali television, is excited about the new project. The actor was last seen in the thriller Section 302. Before that, Hritojeet was seen playing the lead role in the Simana Periye period drama, in which he played a passionate artist. The actor who quit his job to become an actor is quite successful in his career. He has played characters of different tones. He also has many films to his credit.

The upcoming television show ‘Sarbamangala’ will narrate the story of an innocent girl named Sarbamangala (played by Sanchari ) She prepares 'dhoop sticks' (agarbatti) to earn bread. Hritojeet, on the other you will be playing a rich guy.

The show will be produced by Susanta Das, who has produced many successful daily soaps, including Joyee, Dweep Jele Jai and others.

Sanchaari became a household name with the program ‘ Love durga , Which was an instant success. Actress Sanghamitra Talukdar played the lead role, while Sanchaari played her sister Charu. Later, the actress took a break from the daily soaps and was seen in some films like Joyo Joyo Debi and Babur Biye produced by a leading Bengali channel.