Karanveer Mehra: Kushal Punjabi used to be my fitness guru and a good friend

Actor Karanveer Mehra he was deeply shocked and saddened by his good friend Kushal Punjabi Premature death Karanveer said: I am deeply shocked by this extreme step that Kushal has taken. I wish I had met him before he took this step. I had known him for more than a decade, as co-actor, friend of motorcyclists, fitness guru. and a good friend who had a positive vibe.

Explaining how many people go through difficult times in this day and time, he said: One can maintain sanity thinking if we are a small point in this great universe and our success or failure does not affect anyone but us. This thought has a great balancing effect on me. If one has achieved great success, this teaches you that you are only one point in this universe and your success or failure will not create a big difference in this vast universe. This thought calms me. Life is too precious, too short and we experience the ups and downs because we are alive. Nothing will make sense if I'm not there to experience it.