The Kapil Sharma Show update, January 5: Kapil tells Deepika Padukone's bodyguard to keep Ranveer Singh away from his Deepu

The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show start with Kapil inviting Deepika Padukone . Kapil can't stop blushing and calls her chamcham. She tells him that gulab jamun is his favorite. Kapil says, from now on that is her favorite sweet too.

Kapil says that although Deepika married a few days before him, he had a baby first. Joking says he was in no hurry but his mother had already knitted a sweater.

Kammo Bua comes to wish Deepika. Kapil introduces the two. Kammo bua tells Kapil that he should have presented it before, so there would have been the possibility of a Kapil-Deepu relationship. But now it's late and Deepika has settled for the right man.

After Kammo Bua leaves, Archana Puran Singh introduces his son Ayushmaan to Deepika as his biggest fan. She reveals that her son saw Deepika in KJo's office and after that he couldn't breathe. Kapil scolds him and tells him to go out and breathe.

Deepika says she already met Ayushmaan. They had met on a cruise.

Kapil says he is not interested. Deepika tells Ranveer that she is jealous of nothing less than Kapil Sharma.

In the next segment, Kapil asks Deepika to clarify some rumors.

Deepika reveals that she has eaten golgappes in the streets of Bandra and Kolkata.

Next Deepika reveals that she wears a sewing kit in case Ranveer singh The clothes are torn. She remembers an incident when Ranveer's pants were torn and she had to sew it in the middle of a music festival. She also shows a photo of the incident.

Deepika then says that Ranveer and his shoe sizes are the same and that they often wear each other's shoes.

Kapil asks Deepika has been a part of so many historical films that even her bodyguard’s name is historical. Deepika introduces her bodyguard, who’s name is Jalaluddin. Kapil goes and hugs him and appreciates the fact that he takes care of Deepu. He slyly tells the bodyguard to keep Ranveer singh away from her. The bodyguard tells that he will not allow Kapil as well.

She reveals another interesting fact when Kapil asks if he stops Ranveer from stepping on the wet floor. Deepika says yes. From making a shopping list to taking money out of Ranveer's wallet, Deepika reveals many interesting details.

Achcha Yadav of London enters the scene. After his act Meghna Gulzar visits

Kapil asks Megha if his father, director, lyricist and poet Gulzar ever scolded her. She says that once her father raised her by not playing the piano and wanting to go play outside.

Deepika reveals that her father, Prakash Padukone, would lock her in the warehouse and turn off the light.

Deepika says she often tells Ranveer to show her smart side. She says Ranveer is very sensitive and emotional.

After interaction with the audience, Krushna Abhishek, also known as Sapna, enters.

Sapna shows an old Ranveer recording romancing her on the stage of Kapil Sharma. Deepika feels jealous.

Laxmi Agarwal appears on stage along with other survivors of acid attacks. Kapil congratulates everyone for their bravery.

The episode ends with Kapil singing a song for Deepika on her birthday. Everyone gathers for the cake cutting ceremony.