NRC nationwide in process after CAA, says West Bengal BJP brochure

KOLKATA: Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP senior officials categorically say that the Center has not discussed it, it is stated in his pamphlet that after the implementation of the, the citizens' registry will be in the pipeline.

The 23-page booklet in English, Hindi and Bengali, published as part of the BJP state campaign in favor of the amended Citizenship Law, states that the Center intends to implement the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) throughout the country.

The CAA has been simplified in a question and answer format to calm people's fears about the law, party sources said.

A question in the brochure said: Will there be NRC after this? How much is needed? And if there is NRC, will the Hindus have to go to detention centers like in Assam?

The answer to the question read: Yes, there will be NRC after this. At least, that is the intention of the central government.

The pamphlet claimed that Hindus had been sent to detention centers not because of the NRC but because of the Foreigners Law.

The NRC is Assam was carried out according to the orders of the Supreme Court and the Foreigners Law was approved by the government of Congress. The government of BJP is Assam did not bring the NRC. On the contrary, he has decided to move the court against the NRC. said brochure.

He said that Hindus housed in detention centers in Assam would be released after the AAC is implemented.

It is known that there are about two crore infiltrates in Assam and West Bengal. It is necessary to recruit these infiltrates as voters D. This only says a lot about the infiltration problem in the country. That's why NRC is needed across the country, the brochure said.

In response to BJP's claims about NRC in the brochure, the leaders of the Trinamool Congress said the truth has come to light.

The cat is now out of the bag. The truth of BJP has come to light. We have been saying that the Prime Minister and union ministers have been trying to confuse people by making contradictory statements about the NRC.

People from this state and the country will give them an adequate response, said TMC Secretary General Partha Chatterjee.