In reaction to the violence of JNU, Ayushmann Khurrana writes an inspiring poem about the democracy of India.

The mishap at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi (JNU) it has shaken the nation again. The disturbing photos and videos of the break have been circulating on the Internet. For those who arrived now, yesterday, some evil masks threw stones, shattered property and even injured JNUSU, students, teachers and even President Aishe Ghosh of the university.

Several notable celebrities reacted to this violence through their social media platforms. The last to join the train is the actor of 'Article 15', Ayushmann Khurrana . Took his Twitter manage and share an inspiring poem about the democracy of India. The poem shared by the actor has been written by Ayushmann himself, who has a talent for writing. His poem says: इंसानियत से बड़ा कुछ नहीं

धर्म नहीं, सियासत नहीं.

धन नहीं, विरासत नहीं.

किसी की हो सोच नई,हो अलग तो अलग सही,

पर तुझे उस सोच को नोचने का हक़ नहीं,

यही भारत का लोकतंत्र है,

और इसमें किसी को शक़ नहीं।


He wrote this poem in context to the violence that took place at the UNW in Delhi. Through his note, he has transmitted how no one can change the thinking of the citizen and that is what Indian democracy is all about.

On the personal front, Ayushmann along with his wife Tahira and their children were on vacation in the United States and, according to reports, the family had to return before January 5, 2020.