Aneek launches a preview of Malayalam director Katti Nrittam

Malayalam director of Aneek Chaudhuri ‘ Katti Nrittam ’It’s a complex network of relationships and embarks on the journey of a failed Kathakali dancer. The genre of this film is very dark and explores melancholic layers in relationships; However, the Kathakali performer is likely to have a big impact on them. The film is inspired by a neo-realistic film style and is being filmed in a documentary style approach.

With a group of talented actors like Anuska Chakraborty Sabuj Barddhan and Rukmini Sircar among others, Aneek has released the first teaser of ‘Katti Nrittam’ and it looks every bit intriguing.

Speaking about his experimental project that defies the genre, the independent filmmaker had previously revealed how the idea of ​​this film was conceived. “KattiNrittam was conceived when I visited Kalamandalam (Kerala) last year and I found the different perspectives of the artists. There was something that attracted me was his desire to remain real and, at the same time, balance it with the tone of his performances, explains Aneek, who has made critically acclaimed films like White and Cactus before.

The young director has opted for a group of highly talented actors from the National Drama School and actors with theater experience. “This movie has been filmed in a scenic style; The whole scene is being implemented in the same way. Therefore, I thought it was a smarter idea to project people with theater experience, since they have a better understanding of the stage. In addition, I will use proximity as an important element in this film where many POVs will be used, ”adds Aneek.