They asked me if I was going in oxcarts to school

He learned telugu from his roommates in the US. UU., Have you had to hit curved balls like, did you travel in an ox cart to school in India? And he says he mixes Swedish words when he wants to speak Hindi. Not surprisingly, Preeti Nagarajan, head of strategy for business area networks in Ericsson , calls herself a global citizen.

Preeti's roots date back to Chennai, where he grew up in a close-knit family, his mother banker and his father an engineer turned entrepreneur. I remember going up to the terrace to see if Rakesh Sharma The flight path to the Moon would cross Chennai. He was so naive, but full of hope and inspired by thought, says Preeti, returning on a journey spanning 40 years and four countries.

Her parents ’dinner table talks on technology, industry and the mechanics of money stayed etched in her mind. “Even today, my mental dialogue on telecom as an industry and Ericsson as a key player in this ecosystem reflects the dilemmas we discussed over dinner as I grew up,” says Preeti.

In 2000, when Preeti completed the electronic and communications engineering at the University of Madras, software and call centers were the two buzzwords in India. “But I was interested in complex systems that required signal processing. I wanted to continue with a master's degree in image/video processing or communications engineering with a focus on wireless systems, says Preeti, who has a double master's degree from the University of North Texas and has a specialization in wireless communication from KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.

After working as a network engineering intern at Verizon in Texas, Preeti moved to Sweden. She joined Ericsson, the Swedish telecom gear maker, in 2006 as a global graduate trainee and systems engineer. “I joined a team of 20 specialists, experts, and senior experts. The average age of the team was over 40. I felt I represented several minorities all at once - gender, nationality, age and work experience, ”says Preeti. Today, as head of strategy for networks, she is responsible for the business development of the networks operations.

Between 2016 and 2018, she served as the head of R&D for radio within Ericsson and considers it a momentous phase in her career. “I worked closely with the team that brought multi-standard products that could do 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G,” says Preeti.

She may be stationed abroad, but Preeti knows that her work is touching lives at home. “When I left India to go to the United States in 2000, there were no mobile phones here. A few years later, almost everyone had one, ”she says.