Heroin worth Rs 175 million rupees seized from a Pakistani ship, five arrested

AHMEDABAD: In a joint operation with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), ATS stopped a Pakistani fishing vessel worth Rs 175 million off the coast of Jhakau on Sunday night. Five Pakistanis have been arrested and are being taken to the Gujarat ATS office in Ahmedabad.

According to ATS sources, the ship after loading heroin from a coast in Iran reached Pakistan and from there he left for India. Gujarat ATS in a notice informed ICG that it intercepted the ship near Jhakau and arrested the five crew members. Ship heroin packages were found.

ATS said the boat had set from Parsi Port in Iran and Gujarat was used to be a transit route from where the stuff was to be dispatched to different countries. The money got from the sale of heroin was to reach India first through havala and then be sent to Pakistan i. "We don't rule out possibility of Narco terrorism if. We will interrogate the defendants when they are brought to the ATS office in Gujarat, said a senior ATS official.