Ke Apon Ke By update, January 5: Tandra has a connection with Supratim

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By thugs ask Sarthak to talk to their boss. Sapnamay (hiding his identity) talks to Sarthak and warns him not to speak with anyone. He reprimands Sarthak for calling up others using the mobile phone.

He says Sarthak is in a critical situation since he has been dragged into Moyna’s case. Sarthak denies having any connection with Moyna but Sapnaymay tells Sarthak was involved in the business of supplying rotten meat to the local restaurants. He asks Sarthak to follow their orders.

Sarthak denies going anywhere and demands to meet his parents first.

Meanwhile, Param and Joba Come back home. Param’s parents ask whether they could find anything. Joba leaves without uttering any word.

On the other hand, Tandra Satisfies Supratim and says he shouldn’t have brought Sarthak into the limelight now. Supratim says, they had no other option. Rocky would have faced punishment if they hadn’t framed Sarthak in the case.

Tandra asks him to concentrate on Rocky’s case and make sure that Joba stays away from the issue. When Supratim asks Tandra about her plan, she denies disclosing anything.

Sarthak is brought to a new place. He is left utterly shocked seeing Sapnamay and Tandra. Sarthak denies supplying rotten meat to any restaurant. Sapnamay reminds him that pretty soon, Sarthak will be dragged into Moyna’s case too.

Sarthak has no clue why he is being dragged into Moyna’s case. He says he went to Supratim’s place once. To Sarthak’s surprise, Sapnamay tells, Moyna’s incident took place on the same day.

At Param’s place, Joba reveals that Sarthak used to provide rotten meat to the local restaurants. The family members can't believe the allegation but Joba says she has read the documents which states Sarthak was the owner of such business.