China's EPL begins major military exercises in Tibet

BEIJING: The Chinese army has begun major military exercises in Tibet at high altitude that borders India, deploying the latest weapons, including the Type 15 light battle tank and the new howitzer mounted on a 155 MM vehicle, a Sunday said. media report.

The Tibet Military Command of the People's Liberation Army (EPL) began its New Year exercises in which it deployed helicopters, armored vehicles, heavy artillery and anti-aircraft missiles throughout the region from Lhasa , capital of Tibet, to the front of defense of the border with elevations of more than 4,000 meters, administered by the state Global times reported.

The Royal India-China (LAC) control line covers 3,488 kilometers, including the border along.

China states that Arunachal Pradesh is part of southern Tibet.

Both the tank and howitzer, which were revealed to the public at the National Day military parade on October 1 last year, are specifically designed with advantages for the plateau regions and can play an important role in protecting border areas , according to the report.

Its deployment in the Tibet Military Command will improve the combat capacity of the PLA in the regions of the plateau, said a military expert.

Both were equipped with powerful engines, which allowed them to maneuver efficiently on the grounds of Tibet, a military expert said in the report.

The heaviest hostile weapons cannot reach border areas without oxygen and, if they are lighter, do not have enough firepower, he said.

The Type 15 tank is the only modern light tank in service in the world and is equipped with a 105-millimeter pistol and advanced sensors that can devastate enemy light armored vehicles in the regions, the report quoted the Chinese military magazine Weapon as saying.

The six-wheeled howitzer mounted on a 155-millimeter vehicle is high caliber, reacts quickly and can be easily deployed, he said. PTI KJV MRJ AKJ