Leaving injuries behind, Shikhar Dhawan wants to be more shocking in 2020

GUWAHATI: plagued with injuries in 2019, first game Shikhar Dhawan He points to a new beginning in the new year and wants to become a more shocking hitter in his quest to help India lift the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia.

Dhawan didn't have a very good 2019 since he was on and off the team due to injuries.

The first left-handed game was ruled out in the middle of the ICC ODI World Cup last year after suffering a fractured thumb. The injuries continued to chase Dhawan when the local T20 series was lost against the West Indies in December after injuring his knee during a Ranji Trophy match.

Last year I had many injuries, but it is an integral part of our work. It is a new year and I am waiting for a new beginning and will go a long way, Dhawan told 'bcci.tv'.

This year, I hope to score many races for the team and for myself and be a more impactful player, win games for my team and win the World Cup, he said, explaining his goal for 2020.

The ICC T20 World Cup will be organized by Australia from October 18 to November 15 of this year.

When asked how difficult it was for him to get in and out of the team, the 34-year-old Delhi driver said: I'm always positive, I always take things in a positive way.

The injuries are quite natural, so I take it easy. I don't worry about that. I make sure to always stay in a positive mindset and that helps things heal quickly.

Dhawan, who is back on the Indian team for the three-game T20 series against Sri Lanka, believes that the current rubber is a great opportunity for him to return between races.

I am anxious for this series. It is a good opportunity to come and express myself and score great races, he said.

I am always developing my game, developing new shots. I always make sure to do my homework well and come to earth and have fun.

The first T20 of the series against Sri Lanka was razed without a ball being thrown here Sunday night.

The second match will take place in Indore on Tuesday.