Chess: Sankalp clings to the fourth joint position in the Italian Vergani Cup

NAGPUR: the third of Vidarbha International Master (I AM) Sankalp Gupta He continued to maintain his fourth joint position in the fourth Vergani International Cup Chess Tournament in Montebelluna, Italy, Sunday.

At the end of the seventh round, the 17-year-old scored four points after winning three games, with a pair of top-rated teachers and suffering two losses.

In a quick 24-move victory over the young Indian of lower rank Aarav Dengla, the 19th-seeded Sankalp returned in the fourth round of the international standings.

It was a Petroff defense where my opponent played very passively and I won the game easily, Sankalp said.

In the next round, Sankalp managed to play a draw with his black pieces against the Chinese. Fide Teacher (FM) Ozenir Ekin Baris.

In the sixth round, the city's MI took advantage of its opening advantage with the white pieces to achieve an annoying victory over the experienced 17th Indian Raja Rithvik R in his eighth battle on the board. With this victory, Sankalp had jumped to the third joint position.

“I opted for a variation in the opening of Najdorf. The variation is not very popular, but it is fashionable and helped me take advantage of the opening itself. My opponent didn't know how to react and played some bad moves, which I punished properly and won a good game, Sankalp told TOI after posting a victory over Raja Rithvik.

Looking to take his points account to a higher position, Sankalp played an attack game while defending with his black pieces in the seventh round, but made a silly mistake by suffering his second defeat in the match, which left him again in The fourth joint position. The 2400 city master Elo fell fighting against the seventh seeded IM Zanan Evgeny of Israel on the sixth board.