Thiruvananthapuram: the scope of CAJ of BJP begins with the good muslim gaffe of Kiren Rijiju

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Union minister dismissed the resolution of the Kerala assembly against CAA as a political trick, but quickly realized the deep public anger against the controversial citizen act when he noticed that Malayalam writer George Onakkoor told his face that excluding Muslims only from the law was against the entrenched secularism of India.

“We have so many castes and religions. We also have several ideologies. But we respect each other. We are secular This Law has created concern among people, Onakkoor told Rijiju, when he met him at his home as part of the BJP door-to-door campaign in the state on the issue.

Rijiju met several important people, including the Latin Catholic archbishop Soosa Pakiam, who also expressed concern about the law. In accepting the arrests in good faith, the minister said: It is the beauty of democracy that everyone has the freedom to criticize.

The Union minister said that the central government has not excluded any particular religion from citizenship. “We have given citizenship to several good Muslims such as singer Adnan Sami in the past. We have only said that illegal immigrants will not be given citizenship. It is not against Muslims, he said. When asked to clarify what he meant by good Muslims, Rijiju replied: what I meant was Muslims with no criminal record. There are no good or bad Muslims. What he meant was Muslims with no criminal record.