Bangladeshi woman, daughter loses 30,000 rupees, police find him under the mattress of the hotel in Calcutta

KOLKATA: Kasba station officials walked an extra kilometer on Saturday to help a young woman and her mother, who had come to the police station to report a loss of Rs 30,000 from their room in a star-category hotel. When the duo realized they were late to take a flight back home, the officers accompanied them to the airport in an additional OC car and also located the missing money under the mattress of the hotel room on Saturday night. night.

“The money could be recovered from under the bed mattress on the north side of room 106 where the duo had been staying. It seems that in a hurry and panic, they could not remember the place where they had saved the money, said an officer of the southern suburban division.

A PS officer said they had informed the woman that the money had been recovered. “The woman continues to visit Kolkata and once she is here we can give the money to her or to anyone she authorizes. We can even send you a privacy letter, ”he said.

Mehreen Shimeen Hassan (28), a resident of Dhaka, had come to Kolkata with her mother on December 31 and stayed at a five-star hotel in Bypass. At the time of departure on Saturday afternoon, Hassan realized Rs 8000 (four Rs 2000 bills each) in Indian currency and Rs 22,000 in Bangladeshi currency was missing. They visited the PS around 3pm.

“The woman seemed tense as they were in a hurry to take a flight back home at night. Considering the urgency of the situation, the officers dismissed the complaint and turned it into an FIR under Section 380 of the IPC (theft) against unknown criminals, said a senior Lalbazar official. When the procedure was over, it was already 4pm and the duo was too late to take the scheduled flight to leave Kolkata at 6.10pm. “I called the Novo Air office, where passengers were booked. They gave me the number of the airline manager at the airport and I called him and asked him not to let the plane fly until they reached the airport, said Ashadur Rahman, additional OC of Kasba PS.

At the airport, we asked the CISF to treat it as a special case and give them preference in security control, he said, adding that he left only after the woman called him from the airline manager's mobile phone to Inform him that he had boarded the flight.